How I started selling on Ebay

I began selling on Ebay five years ago as a fun hobby.  However,the more I started selling items on Ebay the more addicted I became.  I soon realized that is was possible to make good money by selling on Ebay and this was a way I could make extra money for my family of five.

Since I began selling on Ebay I would never call myself a super seller.  I wanted to start this Blog so I can aspire to this status and I want to help my readers become an Ebay star also!  

I want to bring you all along on my journey as I try to make a decent second income for my family.  I believe this is a possibility for everyone, not just a dream.  

I will post later this week on the items I will be listing on Ebay hopefully by tonight if all goes well.  The items I am getting ready to post are items I already had in my house, which are  some nice toys of my children’s and a ton of craft supplies that I can never seem to find the time to use, (mom’s we all know how that goes).

I am also planning a big garage sale outing with my husband and three children (one is only 10 weeks old) this Saturday and I am hoping this plan will go smoothly.  I’ll be posting pictures of my finds later Saturday night, so please come back and check out my treasures.


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