Saturday Yard Sale Ebay Treasures


Ok so I was hoping to have this post done by Saturday night after my big day of going to garage sales, but that does not always happen when you have 2 toddlers and a baby 🙂 

So I did not find as many treasures as I would have hoped to find.  I was specifically looking for children and baby toys and baby gear.  I think my two best finds were a Chicco space saver high chair, which I paid 5.00 for and a pair of Carlos Santana high heel shoes that I paid 1.00 for.  I saw the same shoes sell on Ebay for 25.00, so that would be a nice profit. 

I actually bought the high chair to sell on Craigslist and I have already sold it for 20.00 and I think I could have asked more because I had 3 people message me in 30 minutes.  So my tip for you all is to buy one of these high chairs if you find one that is price at 5.00 or under.  I will talk about buying and reselling baby gear in another post.

I think my most favorite find was the rubber band powered vintage flyers.  This plane was new in the box and even though it is not actually old, it looks old and I know people like things that look vintage.

I also bought two vintage puzzles, a Popeye and farm puzzle.  I am planning on listing them separate because a person who collects Popeye will not want a farm puzzle. 

I also found a few maternity shirts.  I always buy maternity and nursing clothes if they are 1.00 or under and I sell them in lots on Ebay.  This type of clothing sells very well on Ebay, especially in lots because Maternity and nursing wear is very expensive and you only wear it for a short time.

I found 2 vintage baby toys items that were made in the 90’s (I can’t believe that is vintage) and I hope they will sell at a decent profit.  I am taking a gamble on them.  I am considering selling more baby toys in the future, but I am planning on doin it in lots.  I will post more about selling baby toys in a future post.

Make sure to check back on Friday to see what my items sold for on Ebay.  Good luck to everyone on their Ebay selling adventures.


2 responses to “Saturday Yard Sale Ebay Treasures

  1. So excited to find your blog. My BFF and I have a real love for vintage items, but more than that a real passion for finding vintage items at rock bottom prices. We love the hunt, but are running out of room to accommodate our fabulous finds in our own homes. My game room of stored items can attest to that! I decided to start my research tonight on the possibility of selling vintage items on Ebay; lo and behold your advice and link to this blog popped up on my first internet research try. Perfect timing! I really appreciate your current advice and look forward to reading your blog for more and more valuable info. Keep it coming!

  2. I really appreciate you reading my blog. I actually knew I needed to get back on here and start posting again, but was not encouraged enough until I saw your post 🙂 I really do have a passion for vintage items and even more so since my children have been born. Most of our furniture in our house is antiques because we cannot make ourselves buy the cheap particle board furniture from many department stores. Thanks again for reading my blog. I will try to keep up on it from now on.

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