Great Thrift Store Finds

Ok so last week, I got really ambitious and decided to go to my favorite thrift store and I ended up finding some really good items.  I actually went twice in one week because I had some items to return, and boy am I glad I went back that second time.

On my first venture I found: vintage lite brite for 4.00 (sells for 30.00-40.00), I saw a Magic Bullet food processor for 5.00 and passed it up and then I checked later on Ebay and saw that they sell for as much as 30.00, so I went back the next day and it was gone 😦  Lesson learned, now I will know to guy these in the future.

I also found 3 my little ponies for 1.00, mom and dad Loving Family dolls that were in a bag of other little toys for 1.99 so that would make the dolls .25 per piece and I already have a bid of 3.99 for them on Ebay right now.  I found a large bag of baby toys for 2.00. Baby toys sell extremely well on Ebay when you have them in a lot of 15 or more, so if you can get these at a garage sale for .25 a piece or less you could make a good profit.

Okay now there are two buys that I am very excited about and I will let you all know next week what they sold for.  I found a Little People set called Market Mercado, it looked brand new and had the 2 people with it and all of the food and the sound worked on it.  I bought this for 2.00, I saw some that sold for 20.00, not a huge profit, but every little bit helps.

The second buy that I am thrilled about is a little plush animal.  I know you might think I sound silly for being excited about a stuffed animal, but when I saw it and it still had the tags on it, I knew there was something special about it.  I had never seen one before and thought it could be rare, well come to find out it is rare and brand new with the tags!   My find is a little stuffed animal helicopter named Lionel.  He is from the series called Little Budgie The Helicopter and this series only ran 39 episodes.  These characters were based on the books written by Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York.  I have read that any merchandise from this series is very rare, we will see and I will post how much he sold for next week.

When I went back the second time, I found a large Thomas The Train Misty Island Set for 6.00, which surprised me.  I would say that was really my best buy, I did not find much else when I went back.

I posted a couple weeks ago about my listings I had up on Ebay and never wrote back on how they did.  Well unfortunately I did not do too well, but I still made a profit on my Bible Pictionary Game.  It sold for 8.00 and I paid 1.00 for it and I sold my circo wood train set for 5.00 and I paid 2.00 for it.  My rule when I go out and buy things to sell on Ebay is, if I do not think I can make at least 15.00 on it, I won’t buy it.  I think about my time spent driving, taking pictures, posting it and shipping it out.  Remember that rule and don’t waste your time on something you are not sure will sell.



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