Ebay Selling Updates

I had 24 auctions end last night and out of all of those autions I only had 3 things sell.  I would say that is a complete disaster!  However, I am determined to keep going and not to give up on selling items on Ebay.

Even though I did not sell many of the items, the 3 items I did sell all made a profit of at least 5.00. The items I sold here the vintage Lite Brite, Loving Family mom and dad and one Little People Set.

I do realize that I made ummm, well quite a few mistakes with the items I tried to sell.  The one item that did not sell that I thought for sure was a Thomas the Train set and I started it out at 12.99, which I thought was very reasonable, but I will relist and let you all know if it sells.

Now my issue is coming up with some extra cash to buy more inventory and this time I will make sure that I am only purchasing items that I know sure 100% will sell.  I was going to use the profit I made on these items, which doesn’t quite work since most of my items did not sell.

I’m going to attempt to go to a few garage sales next week and I will post on here what I find, if I can get some extra cash rouneded up to my purchase my smart yard sale buys.


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