Family First

This precious little gift from God is Benjamin, the newest edition to our family.  My children will always come before work and I can’t stress enough how important it is to not become obsessed with buying and selling items on Ebay.

It might sound kind of stilly, but I have to admit that in the past I have made this mistake.  Our children are always more important than my auctions that are ending that night.

Ok so since I introduced Ben, I also had to introduce my other two precious children.   Madeline is 4 and Micah is 23 months.  These two love each other very much, can’t you tell?  They also have so much love for their new little brother.

How to stay focused and organized so you are not putting Ebay before your family:

1) Make sure to have a designated area for your stuff.  At the moment I am keeping all of my items in boxes in our laundary room.

2) Always keep shipping boxes, tape, envelopes and other shipping supplies on hand.  It’s never any fun when you have a ton of items to ship out and you are short on boxes.

3) Buy a postal scale.  Do not mess around with going to the post office.  It wastes gas and time.  If you have a scale you can weigh your items, and print out your shipping labels from home.  Then you can set up a time from your computer to have the post man pick up your packages.

4) Give yourself plenty of time to get your items shipped out.  You can choose the amount of days.

5) To save time and money, you really should use online Ebay selling platforms (I don’t know the technical name).  I use a program called Autivia.  I have used it for years.   It makes your listing look more professional, you can add several pictures and you can save information that may be them same for all of your auctions.  ( I will talk more about these in another post)

I hope these tips are helpful to all.  Once again I hope everyone takes this message to heat and will never put Ebay before your precious families.


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