Consignment Store Clearance Sales


I found this great pair of Diesel Jeans for 2.00 at a local high end consignment store!  Too bad I’m not small enough to fit in them 🙂

A place that not everyone likes or thinks about going to find things to sell on Ebay are high end consignment stores.  It is a good thing to get on an email list if you have any stores like this in your area because you can be quickly informed if there is any kind of a sale going on.

There is an extremely popular consignment store chain in my area and they usually have a big end of summer clearance sale and another sale towards the end of winter.  The last sale I found my husband a brand new Tommy Bahama sweatshirt for only 8.00, not that’s a steal!

It is wise to do your research before heading out and going bonkers buying up stuff to sell when you are shopping at one of these stores.   I am pretty familiar with the brand of jeans that sell well on Ebay and I am confident they will sell for at least 30.00.  I’ll let you all know next week how these jeans sell when my auctions ends.



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