American Girl Doll Mini Houses

First of all I would like to apologize for not posting for quite some time.  I’m sure you all know how busy it can be with little ones 🙂  I am happy to be back and I am planning on helping my fellow Ebayers and anyone who wants to get started in this business.

So as my title states I would like to have a little discussion about the line of doll houses that American Girl put out several years ago. These were very special houses that were tiny and constructed of wood.  The houses are white and very adorable.

I have to be honest that I had never heard of them before until I cam across an ad on Craigslist.  A lady who lived right down the road from me was selling 3 of these houses for 15.00 a piece.

I knew that American Girl dolls and accessories are a very popular item on Ebay and I thought that 15.00 seemed very reasonable.  I then took a quick look on Ebay to see what these lovely houses were going for.

I surprised to see them several of them had sold for 85.00 or more.  Here is proof of this price. I also observed that the more items that comes with the house, the better they sell. 

I ended up buying a 70’s style AG doll house that this lady had.  It looked nice and had furniture and other items with the house.

Something that makes these houses very unique is that they have outlets in the back with special plugs and you can light up different lamps in the house.  What girl wouldn’t like that?

The reason I knew this house would sell is because it fit into two of the categories I use when selling my toys on Ebay.  These houses are not sold anymore and they were once very popular.  I found this out by doing some minimal research.

The bad news is that the house I bought only sold for 15.00.  I did charge 30.00 for shipping because it’s very heavy.  I do not think the high shipping price was why my house did not sell for a higher price.

The only reason I could come with for as to why my house did not sell for a higher price was that the plugs did not come with it.  I should have done better reasearch and asked the lady for the plugs before I tried to sell it. 

So if you do ever come across one of these houses, I would recommend for you to purchase it for a price of no more than 20.00.


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