Profitable Christmas Houses

I thought this would be an excellent time to discuss selling Christmas houses on Ebay, specifically Department 56 and Lemax. 

First I have to tell my short version of the story of how my husband and I became recent collectors of Christmas houses of the brands that I just mentioned.

We started out with getting a beautiful Lionel train to go around our Christmas tree 2 years ago for our now 4-year-old daughter.  After we got the train we decided to get a 2 or 3 houses that we found at Goodwill.The following year we got a few more houses that we found at Goodwill and we added fake snow with a few trees. 

So this year my husband had this fantastic idea that we build a wood platform out of plywood to go around the tree for the train to move on and to add the houses.  So after he had this idea we wanted to get more houses for our village.  So a few houses here and there mixed in with some trees, people, animals, rivers bridges, brick roads, mini lights, lakes a horse and carriage turned into at least 20 houses or maybe more!!

We also got foam and a hot wire cutter to build hills and mountains for the houses.  I can’t wait to post pictures of how the village turned out 🙂  What is really great about our collection is that we have well over 1,000.00 worth of items that we got for around 350.00.

Everything we bought was from people selling these items on Craigslist, some were bought from a consignment store and some items came from a very large garage sale where the people were getting rid of many of their Department 56 houses.

I did want to discuss how I think it would be a great idea to buy Lemax and Department 56 Christmas houses and accessories because they are very popular on Ebay right now.  Do not wait too long because people who are serious collectors start building their villages usually before December.

I will have to say that I do favor the Department 56 houses and figures.  The figures are much prettier and sell better on Ebay.  The Lemax houses do sell well however.   Department 56 has different series in their Christmas Village collection, one which is called their Dickens Collection and these tend to go for very high prices.  Here is an example of one house that sold on Ebay.

I would not pay more than 15.00 for a Lemax house and try to keep it around 20.00 for a Department 56.  You will have to go to completed listings to search the figures and other accessories for these brands.  The carnival pieces for Lemax sell good on Ebay too right now because some people have carnival pieces in their Christmas collection.

We actually bought this beautiful Lemax carousel and I had no idea how much it was worth, but I thought it would be so pretty in our display.  We paid 8.00 for it at a consignment store and here is what it sold for on Ebay yesterday!

Make sure to check back this week because I will post some pictures of all the cool Christmas village pieces we got.  My poor baby’s room looks like a Christmas Village disaster 🙂

So go out and get in the Christmas spirit and have fun looking for all of these fun Christmas pieces to sell on Ebay!!!


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