Great Thrift Store Finds

Ok so last week, I got really ambitious and decided to go to my favorite thrift store and I ended up finding some really good items.  I actually went twice in one week because I had some items to return, and boy am I glad I went back that second time.

On my first venture I found: vintage lite brite for 4.00 (sells for 30.00-40.00), I saw a Magic Bullet food processor for 5.00 and passed it up and then I checked later on Ebay and saw that they sell for as much as 30.00, so I went back the next day and it was gone ūüė¶ ¬†Lesson learned, now I will know to guy these in the future.

I also found 3 my little ponies for 1.00, mom and dad Loving Family dolls that were in a bag of other little toys for 1.99 so that would make the dolls .25 per piece and I already have a bid of 3.99 for them on Ebay right now.  I found a large bag of baby toys for 2.00. Baby toys sell extremely well on Ebay when you have them in a lot of 15 or more, so if you can get these at a garage sale for .25 a piece or less you could make a good profit.

Okay now there are two buys that I am very excited about and I will let you all know next week what they sold for.  I found a Little People set called Market Mercado, it looked brand new and had the 2 people with it and all of the food and the sound worked on it.  I bought this for 2.00, I saw some that sold for 20.00, not a huge profit, but every little bit helps.

The second buy that I am thrilled about is a little plush animal.  I know you might think I sound silly for being excited about a stuffed animal, but when I saw it and it still had the tags on it, I knew there was something special about it.  I had never seen one before and thought it could be rare, well come to find out it is rare and brand new with the tags!   My find is a little stuffed animal helicopter named Lionel.  He is from the series called Little Budgie The Helicopter and this series only ran 39 episodes.  These characters were based on the books written by Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York.  I have read that any merchandise from this series is very rare, we will see and I will post how much he sold for next week.

When I went back the second time, I found a large Thomas The Train Misty Island Set for 6.00, which surprised me.  I would say that was really my best buy, I did not find much else when I went back.

I posted a couple weeks ago about my listings I had up on Ebay and never wrote back on how they did. ¬†Well unfortunately I did not do too well, but I still made a profit on my Bible Pictionary Game. ¬†It sold for 8.00 and I paid 1.00 for it and I sold my circo wood train set for 5.00 and I paid 2.00 for it. ¬†My rule when I go out and buy things to sell on Ebay is, if I do not think I can make at least 15.00 on it, I won’t buy it. ¬†I think about my time spent driving, taking pictures, posting it and shipping it out. ¬†Remember that rule and don’t waste your time on something you are not sure will sell.



Saturday Yard Sale Ebay Treasures


Ok so I was hoping to have this post done by Saturday night after my big day of going to garage sales, but that does not always happen when you have 2 toddlers and a baby ūüôā¬†

So I did not find as many treasures as I would have hoped to find.  I was specifically looking for children and baby toys and baby gear.  I think my two best finds were a Chicco space saver high chair, which I paid 5.00 for and a pair of Carlos Santana high heel shoes that I paid 1.00 for.  I saw the same shoes sell on Ebay for 25.00, so that would be a nice profit. 

I actually bought the high chair to sell on Craigslist and I have already sold it for 20.00 and I think I could have asked more because I had 3 people message me in 30 minutes.  So my tip for you all is to buy one of these high chairs if you find one that is price at 5.00 or under.  I will talk about buying and reselling baby gear in another post.

I think my most favorite find was the rubber band powered vintage flyers.  This plane was new in the box and even though it is not actually old, it looks old and I know people like things that look vintage.

I also bought two vintage puzzles, a Popeye and farm puzzle.  I am planning on listing them separate because a person who collects Popeye will not want a farm puzzle. 

I also found a few maternity shirts.  I always buy maternity and nursing clothes if they are 1.00 or under and I sell them in lots on Ebay.  This type of clothing sells very well on Ebay, especially in lots because Maternity and nursing wear is very expensive and you only wear it for a short time.

I found 2 vintage baby toys items that were made in the 90’s (I can’t believe that is vintage) and I hope they will sell at a decent profit.¬† I am taking a gamble on them.¬† I am considering selling more baby toys in the future, but I am planning on doin it in lots.¬† I will post more about selling baby toys in a future post.

Make sure to check back on Friday to see what my items sold for on Ebay.  Good luck to everyone on their Ebay selling adventures.

Choosing the correct Ebay category

When setting up an auction for Ebay it is very important to remember to place your item in the category that makes sense and will get the most views.  If you categorize your item in the wrong category, then it will most often not be bid on at all or it will sell for a very low price. 

I have made this mistake in the past and it is easy to do.  If you are unsure of what category to place your item in, it is always a good idea to search for an item like yours on Ebay and you will be able to read at the top of the auction what category the item was placed in. 

Here is an example of an item that I had to look up because it was two items that were the same brand (Melissa and Doug), but they were two completely different toys, so I was confused about the category they should be placed in.  This is the category I choose: toys/hobbies, wholesale lots, other.  When you are choosing, there is always a main category which was toy/hobbies and then there are sub categories that are more specific that you have to choose from.

Hopefully this auction will go well.  Melissa and Doug toys generally sell good because of their brand and quality.  I will post later in the week to let you all know what they sold for.


Current Ebay Auctions

I’m glad I was able to get back on here tonight to show everyone a few of¬†my listings that I just completed.¬† If you continue reading my blog, I will do another post when they end and let you all know if they sold and for how much.

This¬†picture is a vintage Brio train from the 50’s or 60’s.¬†¬† I was not 100% sure on the date and I put that in my listing because it is VERY important to always be an honest Abe when selling on Ebay. My husband purchased this very cute train for our little girl a few¬†years ago at a garage sale for only 2.00.¬† I did see that there was one on Ebay¬†priced at 75.00, but there are no bids as of yet.¬†¬†

It is also important to take good quality pictures.  If your pictures do not look pretty and neat to potential buyers then you could loose a sale.  I will explain more about picture taking in a future post.

This picture is for a game called Bible pictionary.  I bought it brand new from Goodwill a few years back for 1.00.  It was made in 1988 and I thought we would use it when I bought it.  Since it has never been touched, I decided to let it go.  I saw that a used one sold that was missing a piece on Ebay for 16.00, not a bad profit if mine sells for that or hopefully more.

Take note how I took a clear picture of the outside and inside.  I also took a picture of the board, but I did not want to overload everyone with pictures.  I will share more auctions I am currently listing tomorrow.

How I started selling on Ebay

I began selling on Ebay five years ago as a fun hobby.  However,the more I started selling items on Ebay the more addicted I became.  I soon realized that is was possible to make good money by selling on Ebay and this was a way I could make extra money for my family of five.

Since I began selling on Ebay I would never call myself a super seller.  I wanted to start this Blog so I can aspire to this status and I want to help my readers become an Ebay star also!  

I want to bring you all along on my journey as I try to make a decent second income for my family.  I believe this is a possibility for everyone, not just a dream.  

I will post later this week on the items I will be listing on Ebay hopefully by tonight if all goes well. ¬†The items I am getting ready to post are items I already had in my house, which are ¬†some nice toys of my children’s and a ton of craft supplies that I can never seem to find the time to use, (mom’s we all know how that goes).

I am also planning a big garage sale outing with my husband and three children (one is only 10 weeks old) this Saturday and I am hoping this plan will go smoothly. ¬†I’ll be posting pictures of my finds later Saturday night, so please come back and check out my treasures.

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